Why I Love DevOps – From Tools to Teams

Join Our Expert Panel for an Insightful Journey into how DevOps has significantly evolved since its inception. Initially characterized by a heavy emphasis on tools and culture, now we are seeing the next generation of DevOps tools. This webinar explores the roots of DevOps, its journey from a culture and tool-centric approach to its current state, where culture, automation, approaches like GitOps, and new technologies such as AI are taking center stage.

What You Will Learn:

  • The Origins of DevOps: Understanding how we got here.
  • Next-generation DevOps tools and how they empower delivery of secure, reliable and resilient software.
  • Why top-performing IT teams must embrace DevOps for success.
  • The importance of a collaborative culture and cross-functional teams.
  • Expert insights from our panel of seasoned DevOps professionals about the future trajectory of DevOps.
  • Don’t Miss Out on This Opportunity to Reshape Your Understanding of DevOps!

Webinar Recording