Unlocking Observability: Understanding Google Kubernetes Engine With Datadog

In containerized environments, organizations depend on Kubernetes for automated scaling and application deployment management. Kubernetes enhances deployment agility, leading to reduced operating costs. By integrating with your containerized environments, Datadog facilitates seamless monitoring of Kubernetes and container performance in real-time.

As the complexity of managing Kubernetes at scale continues to rise, organizations are seeking assistance from cloud providers such as Google Cloud. Google Cloud offers comprehensive solutions like Google Anthos for Kubernetes management and GKE for cluster autoscaling management.

Join experts from Google Cloud and Scott Mabe from Datadog, to learn more about:

  • Building a platform on Google Cloud and achieving operational excellence in containerized environments
  • Scaling infrastructure in dynamic environments and building applications with Datadog and Kubernetes
  • How to use Datadog to address the challenges of distributed application monitoring and logging

Webinar Recording

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