Top Trends That Will Shape Data on Kubernetes in 2024

What do we know about Data on Kubernetes in 2024? Few things are certain except this: We know that artificial intelligence will steal the technological spotlight in 2024 and you can’t have AI at scale without data on Kubernetes. This webinar will examine the key priorities, including and beyond AI, that will shape the way developer and platform teams continue to evolve with Kubernetes next year. Join us on January 10, 2024 when our panel of Kubernetes enthusiasts share their perspectives on what future business trends will challenge and shape platform, developer, and application teams. Learn how you can position yourself as a leader in the ever-transforming world of Kubernetes and application development. Key Takeaways: What are the top use cases shaping application, platform, and engineering teams’ priorities in 2024? How to incorporate the flexibility you want and the security you need into your mission-critical applications. How are CI/CD pipelines and generative AI enhanced for better automation and efficiency with a data platform? JON OWINGS

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