The Radical Future of Application and API Security Testing

In the future, application and API security testing will be done in production as opposed to in pre-prod. We are on the cusp of a revolution in app and API security testing like the one that occured for load and performance testing, where it shifts to production.

The way we do AppSec is fundamentally broken today. There’s an assumption that there is a time that security gets with the product before it gets to production, which is an old way of thinking.

In this webinar, Larry Maccherone, DevSecOps Transformation Architect of Contrast Security, will discuss why current approaches to application security fall flat and how to apply the principles of DevOps to improve application security practices.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why is it cheaper, more effective, and even safer to do application and API security testing in production?
  • What are the technology, practices, and mindsets necessary to pull this off?
  • What are the risks to this approach and how do you address them?

Webinar Recording

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