Talkin’ Ship Virtual Workshop: Faster, Risk-Free Deployments

Shipping just one release is scary – but what if you were shipping multiple new features, migrating to new services and releasing a whole new product line, all in the same day? Rolling out changes to dev for a week before pushing to production won’t cut it. Teams want faster, risk-free deployments. In this developer workshop you’ll learn how to do all that faster, without risk.

In our Talkin’ Ship workshops, LaunchDarkly experts will help you get hands-on with real code and learn how to roll out a whole new digital experience for e-commerce customers. Bring your laptops and your favorite IDE,  because there are no fake demos here—just hands-on-keyboards building, shipping and releasing software. We’re changing the way teams ship software.

In this session, you’ll learn:
  • How to launch risk-free releases in your AWS environment: Redefine how you safely launch new features by separating deployment from release with Toggle Outfitters’ storefront.
  • How to reduce the blast radius of changes to ensure performance.
  • How you can ship migrations instantly: Seamlessly and progressively migrate Toggle Outfitters’ payment APIs and databases to the cloud without disrupting service.
  • How to unlock targeted experiences: Explore targeting and entitlements to roll out new products to anyone or anything using release targeting.
  • How to Implement Experimentation: Measure how effective Toggle Outfitters’ new product line is by creating experiments that map to features you released.
  • How to go mobile: Learn how these skills enable you to ship new features on mobile on your own terms.

Webinar Recording

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