Ship Safer Apps Faster With nGrok and Linkerd

Developing Kubernetes-native applications and APIs goes beyond mere functionality; developers need to ensure high performance, reliability, resilience and security. That’s precisely what ngrok and Linkerd deliver. ngrok allows developers to efficiently manage traffic into Kubernetes through its global network, eliminating the need to write code to address non-functional requirements. ngrok simplifies networking, DNS, certificate management and even works behind NAT. Meanwhile, Linkerd’s service mesh enhances secure communication between microservices, ensuring robust east-west traffic management.


In this Techstrong Learning Experience, discover how ngrok’s unified ingress platform combined with Linkerd’s advanced service mesh equips developers to significantly boost their shipping velocity and deliver friction-free services. This session will feature a live demo showcasing how these solutions tackle the challenges of security, observability, performance, reliability and resilience, so your engineers can concentrate on innovation.


Key Takeaways:

  • Best practices for managing traffic both into and within Kubernetes environments
  • An introduction to ngrok’s Ingress Controller and the Kubernetes Gateway API
  • An overview of how Linkerd’s service mesh optimizes secure microservice communication

Webinar Recording

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