Remove the Burden of Non-Functional Requirements for Your Apps and APIs with ngrok

Modern developers not only create business logic for apps and APIs but are often also tasked with ensuring performance, security, resiliency, and observability. Issues like slowness or downtime can degrade the user experience, diverting developers from their core functions to add non-functional capabilities like access control and high availability. This shift often creates friction between App Dev and IT Ops teams and slows down innovation, impacting competitiveness and customer retention.
In this webinar, we’ll demo how ngrok, a unified ingress platform designed for developers, can help offload these burdens for Node.js apps and APIs. ngrok is an all-in-one global load balancer, reverse proxy, API gateway, device gateway, Kubernetes Ingress, and DDoS protection service. ngrok equips developers to embed ingress directly into their app or API with our Python, Java, JavaScript, Go, and Rust SDKs.
 Key Takeaways:
  • How you can boost performance and ensure high availability with a global load balancer.
  • How to enhance security using our Identity-Aware Proxy.
  • How to manage traffic to APIs with a developer-friendly, idiomatic API gateway.
  • And how to standardize connectivity across a wide range of IoT devices in external networks with a device gateway.

Webinar Recording

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