Modernizing GitOps: From Infrastructure to Apps

GitOps has rapidly evolved from a technique for simplifying Kubernetes deployments to a cornerstone of modern DevOps and infrastructure-as-code management. The appeal of GitOps is clear, but many early adopters have needed help with developer experience, visibility, and meshing with existing governance structures.

This session dives into GitOps’ journey, showcasing how cutting-edge GitOps has expanded beyond Kubernetes while maturing to handle the imperative bits surrounding a deployment.

Who Should Attend?
DevOps professionals and platform engineers looking to leverage GitOps for streamlined workflows will find invaluable insights and strategies in this session.

Embrace the Future of DevOps with us as we navigate the expanded capabilities of GitOps, demonstrating its transformative potential in reducing manual work and paving the way for a more automated, efficient, and integrated approach to DevOps.

Key Takeaways:
  • Discover the appeal of GitOps’ developer-friendly and declarative models.
  • Apply GitOps gestures to infrastructure provisioning with Terraform and OpenTofu.
  • Uncover strategies for integrating imperative tasks (like security and testing) into GitOps workflows, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing toil.
  • Strategies for decorating pull requests making them clearer to review.
  • A brief example demo of a modern GitOps experience.

Webinar Recording

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