Modernizing Digital Banking Services: Harnessing Cloud Technology

More than any other sector, the financial sector is experiencing a sea change in market expectations of meeting customers where they are now and tomorrow. The transformation required for banking services goes beyond merely updating and migrating applications to the cloud; it involves a comprehensive reimagining of services and delivery methods using cloud technology to fundamentally reshape commercial and retail banking.

Today, customers expect digital-first banking solutions, often interacting with their financial institutions solely through mobile and web platforms. These expectations set the stage for banks to adopt cloud-native designs that support rapid, seamless onboarding and transaction processes. This webinar delves into how modern digital banking services can be developed and delivered. We’ll explore how leveraging the cloud’s flexibility and scalability is crucial for introducing new services swiftly and adapting to continuously evolving customer demands and market conditions.

Join us for a dynamic roundtable discussion featuring a panel of experienced professionals in modern banking and cloud technologies from Hexaware and Amazon Web Services. These experts will share their invaluable knowledge, experiences, and insights in a format designed to engage and enlighten. We will also share the latest research on modernizing applications from Technology Research for today and tomorrow. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to hear first-hand how innovative approaches and advanced technologies drive the revolution in digital banking services.


Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the critical aspects of modernizing banking through the cloud.
  • Learn how to design and implement fast, frictionless digital banking experiences.
  • Discover strategies for rapidly developing and launching new banking services.
  • Gain insights into adapting to the dynamic needs of the digital customer and market conditions.

This webinar is essential for financial services and banking professionals, IT and cloud technology specialists, digital transformation leaders, and business strategists looking to deepen their understanding of modern banking innovations and cloud capabilities.

Webinar Recording

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