Infrastructure From Code: Solving IaC Challenges

We know that Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has solved a lot of cloud provisioning challenges, but it has also created new ones. As cloud adoption continues to soar, how do we get applications deployed and infrastructure provisioned more efficiently while overcoming these IaC challenges?

This webinar explores infrastructure from code, the ability to use an application’s code to figure out what infrastructure is required to successfully run the app. AppCD’s Cesar Rodriguez, VP of engineering and creator of Terrascan, Taylor Becker, principal software engineer, and moderator Lauren Rother, VP of product, define infrastructure from code and showcase how it can help organizations streamline application deployment.

  • How infrastructure from code helps developers reduce cognitive load and frustration while accelerating delivery
  • Why platform engineering teams do not need to replace existing IDPs, but rather complement them with infrastructure from code
  • How infrastructure from code helps improve productivity, security and even profitability

Webinar Recording