Implementing Governance for Chaos Experiments

The practice of Chaos Engineering is being widely adopted in DevOps to introduce a culture of chaos experimentation. The use of chaos experiments enable organizations to verify resilience and identify weaknesses in the system at a granular level. While frequent use of chaos experimentation is advocated, unaudited or uncontrolled chaos experimentation can lead to undesired results – most notably prolonged outages at critical junctures.

For this reason, orchestration of chaos experiments should be governed meticulously to protect the target environments and maintain uptime, all while uncovering resilience issues at the same time. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how you can implement governance controls for chaos orchestration with Harness ChaosGuard.

ChaosGuard can help you facilitate the use of chaos experiments while maintaining control around your orchestration – ultimately leading to faster adoption of chaos engineering within your organization. With ChaosGuard, you control who can run what chaos experiments, on which targets, and during which time. The webinar will take a few examples of Chaos Guard rules, as well as conditions, and discuss some real-world examples where ChaosGuard can help. We’ll also explore best practices around the usage of ChaosGuard.

You’ll learn:
  • Why chaos engineering is recommended
  • How to design, run, orchestrate and audit chaos experiments
  • How Harness ChaosGuard can help your chaos engineering practice
  • Real-world examples where ChaosGuard can help
  • Best practices around the use of ChaosGuard.

Webinar Recording

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