Ignoring Developer Experience is Hurting Your Organization: DX is Critical

If you are part of a tech-driven business, the productivity and satisfaction of developers is critical for your success. This webinar delves into the challenges faced by developers today — slow and manual processes, prolonged project kick-offs, and a dire lack of automation that hampers performance and disrupts the flow state that keeps developers productive. Moreover, the absence of standardized practices leads to chaos and fragmentation. Lack of visibility within the internal software ecosystem impedes knowledge sharing and discovery.

You will gain a comprehensive understanding of these problems and their impact on business objectives. But understanding alone isn’t sufficient. That’s why we’ll explore tangible solutions, drawing insights from how leading companies are paving the way to smoother workflows and better developer experiences (DX) through Platform Engineering and leveraging Internal Developer Portals (IDPs). We’ll also explore cutting-edge tools and trends to solve these problems. It’s an opportunity to benchmark your current practices, gain insights from the industry’s best and outline actionable steps to transform your developer experience.

Key Takeaways:

Ignoring developer experience (DX) can be costly—learn why it’s essential to business success.
Understand the importance of measuring and recognizing the existing developmental challenges.
Discover how to kickstart your journey in Platform Engineering and use an Internal Developer Portal for maximum efficiency for developers.

Webinar Recording