Getting to Grips With Gitness: Your New Open Source Code Hosting and Pipeline Engine

In this webinar, we’ll discuss and demonstrate Gitness, a new open source code hosting and pipeline engine that already has more than 30,000 stars on GitHub. Learn more about the project, which offers a familiar Git experience, and delve into how security and AI are embedded into the foundations empowering developers to ship code fast and automate everything. You will also see a demo showing how to get up and running with Gitness in minutes, including importing existing projects and auto-generating pipelines to accelerate your paths to production.

Key Takeaways:

  • How modern DevOps practices can help drive speed and innovation
  • Clear steps for getting up and running with Gitness
  • How AI built into Gitness accelerates innovation for engineers
  • Pathways for growth into a full enterprise solution as your project or organization grows

Webinar Recording

Presentation Materials

Blog - Gitness: Your Ultimate Open Source Development Platform

Report - State of Developer Experience 2024

eBook - Definitive Guide to DevOps Modernization

Case study - Citi Reduces Developer Toil With Harness CD

Quick Start - Getting Started with Gitness


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