Generative AI: “Why and How” for Telcos

For telecommunications companies, generative AI holds great promise for new services, enhanced customer experiences, network operations and planning efficiencies and innovative approaches to sales and marketing. But there’s a long road between ideation and implementation. Embarking on strategies for generative AI requires much more than experimentation and pilot projects. Telcos require solutions that operate at incredible scale, and integrate and access data across diverse data sources, systems and services. Deploying generative AI solutions requires more than an understanding of the technology; it requires knowledge and experience in identifying the proper use cases and operational processes, resulting in the best business outcomes.

Join a webinar series with AWS and Accenture experts in telecommunications and generative AI to learn about:

  • What is generative AI for Telcos?
  • How to get started with generative AI ?
  • AWS and Accenture vision on how generative AI will benefit Telcos and what are the areas of collaboration?

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