Ensuring Secure, Scaleable Ingress to Customer Networks With ngrok

Scalable, secure ingress to customer networks is a growing pain point for many organizations. Accessing proprietary data in customer environments is critical for building modern data intelligence solutions. However, as data volumes continue to surge, so do concerns such as data privacy, data sovereignty and data control requirements. Processing all this data using SaaS tools in a centralized cloud can result in huge data transfer costs. To address these challenges, a new type of architecture called bring your own cloud (BYOC) is emerging. The team at Databricks turned to ngrok to solve these challenges. Databricks is the leading unified lakehouse platform for data, analytics and AI. They enable their customers to harness the power of large volumes of data and they have a business requirement to connect to data located in their customer’s environments. In this webinar, the ngrok team responsible for helping Databricks access customer networks at scale will discuss the problems Databricks faced, ngrok’s solution and our implementation and how we continue to partner to ease this pain point for our customers. In this Techstrong Learning Experience, we’ll explore: What BYOC architecture is Real-world BYOC implementations Network access challenges with BYOC deployments Best practices for secure and reliable BYOC access

Webinar Recording