Cloud and Generative AI Implications on DevSecOps

Security remains a leading concern for businesses in this multi-cloud era. With the increasing cloud-native deployment and use of generative AI in application software development, along with proliferation of tools, data and applications distributed across various cloud platforms, ensuring a consistent and robust security posture and at the same time, keep pace with the fast DevOps CI/CD pipeline can be daunting.

The  webinar will explore some of the challenges organizations face when navigating the complex landscape in securing their applications from code to cloud in a fast-paced DevOps CI/CD environment. Led by a panel of security experts and practitioners, attendees will gain insights into how companies overcome these challenges and implement robust and effective application security solutions that align to their DevSecOps initiatives.

Key Takeaways:

  • Recognize the security challenges in this high pace, evolving technology landscape
  • The importance of adopting an integrated “Essential Three” app security strategy
  • Practical solutions for DevSecOps alignment from a customer perspective

Webinar Recording

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