Building Resilience in the Cloud With the AWS Well-Architected Framework and Gremlin

Reliability and resilience in the cloud requires a different approach. Thankfully, the AWS Well-Architected Framework is a proven blueprint for cloud architects and engineering leaders seeking to design and operate resilient systems on AWS.

In this joint webinar hosted by AWS and Gremlin, you’ll gain practical knowledge to help you implement Well-Architected Framework principles effectively within your cloud architecture. The focus will be on validating systems against the framework’s guidelines, ensuring that your cloud setup is not only robust but also efficient and adaptable to the demands of rapidly changing environments.


Key Takeaways:


  • The AWS Well-Architected Framework’s role in supporting resilience in the cloud
  • Techniques for validating that systems adhere to Well-Architected best practices
  • Strategies for enhancing organizational reliability posture through standards and automation, aiming for operational excellence and reduced downtime

Webinar Recording

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