AWS Immersion Day: Using Observability To Unlock Cloud Insights With AWS And Datadog

Observability is for everyone. Whether you are cloud native or migrating workloads, observability provides insights that unlock potential. Regardless of your experience, having an observability strategy is the first step on the road to success. Being able to see the inner workings of your applications will unlock insights that you didn’t know existed. Datadog is teaming up with AWS for a hands-on workshop opportunity to teach you how to install and configure Datadog’s observability solution for AWS. Through a series of hands-on exercises, you will learn how to collect metrics and logs from core AWS services such as Lambda, ECS on Fargate, RDS and EC2. Then, you will tour the resulting metrics, logs and dashboards in the Datadog app.

Attend this workshop to learn:

  • How to integrate Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Datadog
  • How to visualize AWS resources and metrics in Datadog
  • How to ingest logs and traces from AWS
  • The difference between AWS integration metrics and Datadog agent metrics
  • How to work with Integration Dashboards
  • How to create a monitor using metrics

Webinar Recording

Presentation Materials