App Dev Platforms for Kubernetes

As more organizations run Kubernetes in production, they’re finding that application developers are focusing too much of their time on Kubernetes and not enough on the actual applications that will run on the platform. Developers are being asked to configure just about every aspect of how their applications are packaged, configured, deployed, communicated with and run. Fortunately, new frameworks are arriving that provide developers with a layer of abstraction that makes invoking Kubernetes functions a whole lot easier. That abstraction layer also helps organizations recognize the benefits containers bring to application development. However, containers and Kubernetes are notoriously complex, which has stifled adoption in the enterprise. The race is on among application development platform providers to build apps and services that appeal to a larger swath of cloud-native developers. This webinar focuses on the state of the market today for Kubernetes app dev platforms and what still needs to be done to foment widespread adoption.

Webinar Recording

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