An Inside Look at How Portworx by Pure Storage Built an IDP

Platform engineering is gaining traction due to its role in accelerating business outcomes, enabling developer self-service and driving greater productivity. One of the key pieces of any successful platform engineering strategy is the internal developer platform (IDP). But setting up an IDP isn’t a quick fix. Doing so requires organizational set up, collaboration and interactive changes within the organization. Creating an internal developer platform involves setting unique goals to enhance customer experiences by providing easily accessible services for various groups within your organization. Although there’s no quick solution for building a platform that speeds up development and eliminates service tickets, platform teams should aim to make data universally available and to achieve feature parity across a storage platform, enabling applications to be developed once and run anywhere. In this Techstrong Learning Experience, you’ll see how the Portworx engineering team built their internal developer platform. You’ll learn about: The organizational set up, planning and interactive changes required to benefit from an IDP. The role of platform engineering in accelerating business outcomes and overcoming productivity challenges. Valuable lessons learned by the Portworx team during the process of building and deploying their IDP. How to apply those lessons in your own organization to accelerate platform engineering’s benefits.

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