AKS Optimization Workshop: Running Optimally Balanced Infrastructure at Scale

Confidently run fully optimized AKS clusters with Spot by NetApp. Join our live technical workshop to learn firsthand how AI-driven automation can eliminate the complexity of deploying, operating and optimizing your AKS infrastructure, leading to significant benefits including:

  • 41% more productive DevOps
  • 57% more efficient compute
  • 26% faster time to market
  • 21% reduction in total cost of cloud ownership*

During the session Spot product architect Zak Harabedian will guide you through setting up a Spot Ocean cluster running on AKS and walk through how to deploy workloads that are continuously optimized for performance, reliability and cost.

Don’t miss this opportunity to discover why Spot was recognized as a leader and outperformer in the GigaOm 2024 Radar for Kubernetes Resource Management.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why automation is critical to overcoming the common challenges organizations face as they scale in the cloud
  • How to easily automate the provisioning, deployment and operation of Kubernetes infrastructure
  • How to operate clusters that are continuously optimized for efficiency and performance

Webinar Recording

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