Addressing the Security Challenges of Industrial OT and IoT

The convergence of operational technology (OT) and Internet of Things (IoT) has created a complex security landscape for critical infrastructure sectors. CISOs are now facing unprecedented challenges as traditional IT risk management methods prove insufficient for securing these interconnected and highly sensitive cyber-physical systems (CPS). The unique vulnerabilities of CPS, including proprietary protocols, intolerance for downtime, and severe consequences of failure, demand a reimagined approach to risk management.

Are you struggling to secure your CPS environments effectively? Join us for an in-depth session with Grant Geyer, Claroty Chief Product Officer, who will outline a strategic approach to CPS risk management. Learn how to build a robust foundation tailored to the unique needs and priorities of your CPS environment, ensuring your infrastructure remains resilient against evolving threats.

What You Will Learn:

  • Optimal Asset Discovery Methods: Learn how to select the best methods for discovering and managing assets within your CPS environment.
  • Addressing Ground-Level Risk Realities: Understand how to tackle the specific risk realities faced by your CPS environment and develop practical solutions.
  • Implementing Effective Risk Controls: Gain insights into identifying and implementing the most effective risk controls for your CPS infrastructure.
  • Bridging the IT/OT Gap: Discover strategies to effectively bridge the gap between IT and OT, fostering a cohesive and secure operational environment.

Don’t let your CPS security strategy fall behind. Register now to gain essential knowledge and actionable strategies ensuring your critical infrastructure is protected against today’s sophisticated threats.

Webinar Recording

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