Accelerating Application Modernization on AWS with the AveriSource Platform

Join TechStrong, AveriSource and AWS experts as we explore how to accelerate your application modernization journey on AWS using the AveriSource Platform™.  Learn how to choose the right modernization pattern that best suits your business strategy and cloud architecture while minimizing cost, risk, and complexity. Examine how the AveriSource Platform accelerates application re-architecture and re-engineering to AWS while preserving core business rules, reducing technical debt, and optimizing your legacy codebase.  Modernize COBOL, Assembler, PL/I, RPG and more to AWS using this flexible platform for mainframe and midrange modernization.

During this panel discussion, we’ll explore:

  • Popular application modernization patterns and strategies.
  • Common architectural challenges to mainframe modernization.
  • The benefits of an accelerated rewrite strategy to AWS.
  • How the AveriSource Platform accelerates application modernization to AWS.
  • Key considerations for legacy application deployment to AWS.
  • Best practices for application analysis, business rules extraction and code transformation.

Webinar Recording

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