Accelerate Application Modernization: Faster, Smarter Deployments on AWS

Discover how to accelerate your application modernization journey with AWS and Aqua Security. This webinar will provide prescriptive advice on selecting the right AWS services for your needs and guide you through an end-to-end container solution.

Learn how to leverage industry-wide patterns and tested solutions to deploy applications in production up to 2x faster. Our experts will share insights on automating CI/CD, defining and deploying infrastructure using Terraform/CDK, and ensuring observability and security.

Whether you are modernizing legacy Java workloads, migrating from Pivotal Cloud Foundry, or processing data with ETL pipelines, this webinar offers valuable guidance to help you realize business value faster and eliminate common pitfalls.

Here are the “top 5” reasons why someone should attend:

  • Accelerate Time to Market: Learn how to deploy applications in production up to 2x faster
  • Expert Guidance and Prescriptive Advice: Get direct insights from AWS and Aqua experts on choosing the right AWS service and building an end-to-end container solution tailored to your needs
  • Enhance Developer Productivity: Discover how to streamline your development processes with CI/CD automation, Infra-as-code, and integrated observability and security
  • Proven Patterns for Business Value: Explore industry-wide patterns that help you realize business value faster and avoid common pitfalls, ensuring a smoother transition to modern application architectures
  • Diverse Use Cases and Practical Examples: Gain valuable knowledge on various use cases such as frontend and backend API services, data processing pipelines and modernizing legacy applications, supported by real-world examples and customer success stories.

Key Takeaways:

  • Deploy Applications 2x Faster: Learn how to accelerate your deployment process using tested solution kits and best practices.
  • Expert Guidance on AWS Services: Receive prescriptive advice on selecting and integrating AWS services for an end-to-end container solutions.
  • Enhance Productivity and Security: Discover how to streamline development with CI/CD automation, infrastructure-as-code and robust security measures.

Webinar Recording

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