5 Time-Saving Hacks to Find 500 Hours. Same Cloud. More Control. More Time.

This one’s for all the overworked, stressed-out cloud security pros out there whose lives are made more difficult by inefficient, disconnected tools.
In this Techstrong Learning Webinar featuring Prisma® Cloud expert Patrick Chang, we’ll show how Prisma Cloud saves cloud security teams hours every day and organizations thousands of dollars every year — and we’ve got the math to prove it.
We’ll tell our story through an imaginary financial services company — Acme Corp — that adopted Prisma Cloud two years ago. With our Acme Corp example, we can explicitly tie Prisma Cloud use cases and technology to compelling total economic impact stats. Plus, it helps us put a human face on cloud security challenges and have a little fun.
The webinar will come to life through sophisticated magazine-style layouts, AI-generated imagery to represent Acme Corp’s cloud security staff and colorful static/motion graphics to visualize our data points. Patrick Chang will screen share a Prisma Cloud instance to explore five cloud security scenarios that demonstrate Prisma Cloud efficiency and time-savings at the seat level.
In each scenario, we’ll show how Prisma Cloud is an improvement to the old way Acme Corp used to run cloud security operations through stats we’ve extrapolated from trusted third-party sources, such as Forrester’s The Total Economic Impact™ of Palo Alto Network’s Prisma Cloud report.
You’ll learn:
  • Automated inventory and risk analysis (up to 500 hours saved per year)
  • Visualization tools and customizable, intuitive UX (3 clicks vs. 3 hours)
  • Accelerated investigation and remediation (48% less time investigating per year)
  • Streamlined policy configuration + enforcement (80% less time enforcing policies per year)
  • Code-to-cloud risk management (60% less time to change code)
During our presentation, guests will be able to enter their questions into the chat. Patrick Chang will address a curated list of questions in the last 10 minutes of the webinar. We’ll close things out by encouraging attendees to sign up for a 1:1 demo of Prisma Cloud for a closer look at accelerated cloud security in action.

Webinar Recording

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