In this Techstrong Learning Experience, our experts will delve into the ever-changing digital world, explore the conversion challenges faced during the account enrollment process, examine emerging trends and technologies and discuss effective strategies to mitigate fraud risks.

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As organizations look to implement zero-trust IT policies, many have come to realize that identity is the new perimeter to be defended. The challenge is most of them rely on antiquated approaches to identity and access management (IAM). Come learn how organizations can modernize IAM in a way that makes achieving zero-trust policy goals achievable sooner rather than later.

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Traditional security monitoring architecture is plagued with data silos, performance issues and delays in retrieving archived data—and has been haunting security teams for years. Many analysts that continue to operate with an antiquated SIEM architecture stack also experience a high volume of alerts—with many false positives. Luckily, the internal security team at Snowflake found a way to solve these problems and more by using the Snowflake Data Cloud as Snowflake’s security data lake.

Join this session to learn:

  • How the detection life cycle model helps speed up detection development while improving quality
  • How to prioritize your identity and assets and dynamically adjust alert severity based on prioritization
  • How to group alerts based on risk levels 
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Modern attackers have evolved, adapting their strategies to target the very heart of security: Identities. With cunning precision, they infiltrate organizations by assuming the identities of legitimate employees and stealthily navigate through your networks to gain access to sensitive or privileged data.

Multifactor authentication (MFA), identity and access management (IAM) and privileged access management (PAM) have long been the bedrock of defensive cybersecurity. But in this ever-evolving landscape, they are no longer enough to keep your identities secure.

Mark your calendars for an expert-led session on the pivotal role of next-generation identity security. Discover how to revolutionize your cybersecurity defense strategy with the ability to restrict credential misuse, misdirect reconnaissance efforts and disrupt lateral movement within your network.

It’s time to turn the tables on attackers and regain control of your identity layer. The future of your organization’s defense starts here.

Register today to learn:

  • How the identity and access landscape has changed
  • Common identity-based vectors attackers use and how next-gen solutions can defend against them
  • How to restrict credential misuse, misdirect reconnaissance efforts and disrupt lateral movement

Since its emergence almost a decade ago, zero-trust has been commonly associated with rebuilding networking infrastructure security. Silverfort challenges this approach and enables organizations to implement an end-to-end zero-trust architecture at the identity control plane by monitoring and enforcing active access policies on any user, system and environment, both on-premises and in the cloud.

In this webinar, we’ll present an actionable framework for identity zero-trust implementation and illustrate its effectiveness by analyzing prominent examples from the recent cybersecurity threat landscape. Topics covered include:

  • The role of identity in zero-trust security
  • The benefits of having unified IAM visibility and control for the implementation of zero-trust security
  • The importance of risk analysis and adaptive policies in zero-trust security
  • And more