Do you understand your customer’s digital customer experience (DCX)?  Forward-looking product leaders do–they anticipate market shifts and set a product vision that provides secure, reliable and delightful services. By tracking KPIs and collaborating with the business/security/dev/DevOps/SRE teams, they can better understand and continuously improve the DCX.

Join us as we discuss:

  • Tips to provide reliable and secure digital experiences
  • Balancing and aligning business, security and tech concerns
  • Common challenges, obstacles and opportunities

Register today to join industry leaders from Techstrong Research, Acquia, Ulta, Nobl9, and Sumo Logic–along with our live, chat-enabled audience—on June 14th for this informative session on DCX.

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SREs are a digital value stream’s front line into what the customer is doing, seeing and reacting to on a day-to-day basis. Value Stream Management (VSM) puts the customer front and center of everything that we do; delighted customers are the beating heart of a thriving organization. Therefore, SRE practitioners must share their observations for the value stream to understand what’s driving customer behavior.

Combining SRE with VSM gives SREs unparalleled insights into what value outcomes matter to their customers and the tools to respond to customer needs directly—and SRE comments, thoughts and feedback get immediately put into the value stream. The SRE can represent the customer’s needs, wants and wishes directly into the value stream, further optimizing the efficacy of the value stream by more directly incorporating customer needs.

Join Helen Beal, value stream expert, and Shivagami Gugan, Group CTO at IDC Technologies, along with  Bob Davis, CMO of Plutora, to find out how SREs positively affect flow and realization, and how Value Stream Management principles and practices can be the missing link in maximizing customer experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why customer experience and customer value underpin organizational performance more than any other factors
  • How SREs can use VSM insights to learn to see customer behaviors and optimize accordingly
  • How to balance investing in new features with investing in platform improvements
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Over 1.3 billion people live with some form of disability; this number accounts for almost 20% of the U.S. workforce. While great strides have been made in closing the disability inclusion gap in the workforce, more needs to be done.

As the popularity of hybrid and remote work continues to grow, workers who live with a disability and work from home increasingly need accessible software and technology tools to support their quality of life. Software accessibility is crucial to enable all users to access and use technology effectively, regardless of their physical abilities, also it’s also a legal requirement in many countries. So, how do you build accessible software? And how do you make sure your software meets accessibility requirements and standards?

Join our panel of software development experts as they discuss:

  • Strategies to make software accessible to everybody
  • Software accessibility requirements and guidelines
  • How to test the accessibility of your software
  • The tools you need to use to scan your software for potential issues and violations
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Making speed a priority in software development and delivery is essential in today’s digital economy. Both consumers and internal employees now expect their applications to not just be fast, but to also provide continuously updated application experiences.

Best DevOps practices are, of course, at the core of achieving that goal. The challenge now is implementing those best practices at the level of scale required to drive a rapidly expanding digital economy.

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