Learn what’s keeping 2,500 of your peers awake at night. Stay informed with empirical insights to inform your cloud-native security decisions.

The State of Cloud-Native Security Report 2023 is the result of a months-long survey traversing seven countries and five sectors of industry to consult with 2,500 cloud security and DevOps professionals—from chief executives to developers to security technicians—with the goal of identifying pivotal decisions affecting cloud-native development and security outcomes.

Join our program for the results of this year’s survey and a fresh look at the top challenges and best practices in cloud-native security.

Our expert will walk you through important findings including:

  • The majority (90%) of orgs can’t detect, contain and resolve cyberthreats within an hour
  • New deployment frequency has increased by 68% in the past 12 months
  • A full 73% of organizations report an above-average turnover rate in cloud security roles
  • More than three-quarters (78%) of respondents want better day-one security from the tools they choose
  • And 77% of organizations said aligning security tools with security goals is challenging

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As cloud computing continues to reshape the modern IT landscape, the approach to cloud security must also undergo a seismic shift. Over the years, cloud security posture management (CSPM) has undergone a remarkable transformation, adapting to the ever-changing needs of cloud-native environments.

Join us on Tuesday, August 29, 2023 as we embark on a journey to trace the evolution of CSPM from inception to its cutting-edge state today. In this Techstrong Learning Experience, we will dive into the evolution of CSPM, exploring the beginnings of the solution, the challenges it aimed to address, and why agentless-only scanning no longer provides real cloud security. Throughout this session, we will analyze the pivotal milestones that have shaped the evolution of CSPM, from basic configuration checks to sophisticated behavioral threat detection and beyond. Then, we’ll speculate on what the future holds and how CSPM can keep evolving to address future cloud and cloud-native security challenges.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the past, present and future of CSPM. Secure your spot now.

Key highlights of the webinar:

  • The genesis of CSPM: Understanding its origins and initial motivations.
  • Evolutionary stages: A comprehensive overview of CSPM’s development over the years
  • Key challenges and solutions: Examining the pain points CSPM has tackled along the way
  • Advanced CSPM capabilities: Understanding the latest innovations driving CSPM effectiveness
  • The future of CSPM: Predicting the trajectory and upcoming trends in cloud and cloud-native security

Identity and access management is catapulting forward as the number one cloud concern with 75% of failures resulting from inadequate privilege management. In the cloud, it’s not about ‘if’ attackers will get in, but rather ‘when’. It’s time to build a security strategy that drives attackers to dead ends with no lateral moves to make.

This program will detail a security strategy dedicated to securing your cloud from the inside out – starting with your highest-value assets and applications. The best way to view this is from an attacker’s perspective, because they’re targeting your data and identity permissions, the stepping stones to sensitive data. Break the attack chain with the proper insight into and remediation of toxic permissions.

Join the session and learn how to operationalize enterprise security, auditing & compliance. Sonrai Security Field CTO, Jeff Moncrief, will teach you how to:

  • Determine your highest-value assets with data discovery, classification & tagging.
  • Uncover every identity and permission, creating pathways to your data.
  • Remediate toxic permissions resulting from inherited privileges, group policies, toxic combinations and privilege escalation capabilities.
  • Lock in a secure baseline and monitor for suspicious data access, identity and permission use and infrastructure changes.
  • Automate the prioritization of alerts that hold the greatest risk-reduction impact.

With economic uncertainty top-of-mind for business leaders and security threats at an all-time high, CISOs are in a particularly challenging position. To secure cloud-native environments, many CISOs are using a platform approach that helps deliver the necessary security capabilities while saving money and improving performance.

In this session, our CISO panel will discuss how they evaluate their current security tech stack and the paths they have taken to consolidate and optimize the tools they use. They will share their tips for building an effective cloud-native security practice and how a platform approach delivers business value beyond cost savings without sacrificing performance.

You’ll learn about security operations improvements including cost reduction strategies, streamlining communication between teams, how to reduce the risk of a breach and improve compliance. Our expert panel of CISOs have experience with the trials and errors involved in optimizing and consolidating their security stacks. All of this leads to job security in a state of economic uncertainty.

With the rise of cloud-native applications, knowing how to protect them is no longer optional. But with the increasing complexity of these applications, it can be challenging to know where to start.

In this program, our expert speaker will discuss five key areas to ensure your cloud security coverage is complete. We’ll dive into unique challenges that come with securing complex cloud environments and provide you with streamlined strategies to address them. Plus, we’ll show you how to leverage the data you already have to make your security more effective.

Key Takeaways:

  • Five key areas to focus on when securing cloud-native applications
  • How to leverage automation for more effective and efficient cloud security
  • Why a single-platform approach is the best fit for cloud security