The advent of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud computing environments introduces unique challenges for developers. Creating new applications, iterative development and security-these are all more challenging in cloud-native environments. How can you help your developers improve their productivity and reduce friction and frustration in the new, cloud-first world?
This session will show you how to support a cloud-first approach to cloud-native development and overcome the multi-cloud and hybrid cloud challenges developers face today. You’ll learn how to remove friction and provide solutions that help application teams deliver value in less time and at a lower cost with an emphasis on managed cloud services.
In this session, we’ll cover:
  • The full life cycle of a developer from creating a new application, iterating it and then supporting a security-focused software delivery pipeline
  • Developer productivity with containers, Kubernetes and Red Hat®OpenShift®
  • Tools to meet developers where they are, including IDEs (e.g., VS Code, IntelliJ, Hosted), CLIs and WebUIs
  • Hosted offerings that provide a frictionless experience for developers to experiment and iterate over their cloud-native applications
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While Kubernetes is a powerful tool to accelerate innovation, it isn’t an easy tool to master. The convoluted landscape of running and managing Kubernetes often leaves developers overwhelmed and less focused on creating apps. Even worse, many developers are becoming disillusioned with their jobs entirely, and burnout is on the rise. But imagine if you could free up your developers and increase the speed and efficiency of their application delivery. Your developers could quickly and reliably push new features into production. It is possible… and we can help you do it for your team.
Join our upcoming webinar to learn how our DevOps-as-a-service offering provides a ZeroOps solution by tackling the day-to-day operations tasks, freeing up your developers to do what they love: Code and create.
Key Takeaways:
  • Your developers have more time and less burnout
  • They’re developing applications faster, better and more often
  • How to easily push new features into production
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As more organizations run Kubernetes in production, they’re finding that application developers are focusing too much of their time on Kubernetes and not enough on the actual applications that will run on the platform. Developers are being asked to configure just about every aspect of how their applications are packaged, configured, deployed, communicated with and run. Fortunately, new frameworks are arriving that provide developers with a layer of abstraction that makes invoking Kubernetes functions a whole lot easier.

That abstraction layer also helps organizations recognize the benefits containers bring to application development. However, containers and Kubernetes are notoriously complex, which has stifled adoption in the enterprise. The race is on among application development platform providers to build apps and services that appeal to a larger swath of cloud-native developers. This webinar focuses on the state of the market today for Kubernetes app dev platforms and what still needs to be done to foment widespread adoption.

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Developer experience and productivity are top-of-mind this year as organizations sharpen a focus on engineering efficiency. In a bid to become the central hub for developer interactions, internal developer portals (IDPs) have landed on the short list of priorities for engineering teams in every industry. But with just a few years on the shelf, many IDP programs are beginning to fail or flail. Why?

In this playbook-style program, Mike Moore, Cortex Head of Solutions Engineering, and Lauren Craigie, Head of Product and Market Research will draw on the hundreds of conversations he’s had with engineering teams working to deploy an internal developer portal to offer a new take on what works, what doesn’t and what might be missing from your IDP strategy.

Attendees will walk away with a clear playbook for evaluating their first (or next) IDP—regardless of whether they choose to build or buy. We welcome those just beginning their search, those looking to extend open source foundations or those simply curious about this fast-growing space!

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Today, nearly 70% of organizations host more than half their workloads in the cloud, up from just 31% in 2020. But there’s a dangerous pothole on the superhighway to cloud migration and it grows larger the longer it’s ignored: Application development security. The good news is that wherever you are on the journey right now, with the right guidance you can rethink your cloud-native development strategy and confidently steer clear of damage.

In this webinar, we’ll share the latest research, insights and recommendations from pros in security, DevOps and line-of-business leadership. Learn how to balance the benefits of cloud-native development with new best practices for protecting applications, and ensure that your environment stays resilient, flexible and secure.

Learn how to balance the benefits of cloud-native development with new best practices for protecting applications, and ensure that your environment stays resilient, flexible and secure.

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