Unlock Developer Productivity & Operational Simplicity with Serverless

Serverless has become a mainstay of modern computing. Today, organizations are making use of a growing set of serverless offerings to build and manage applications in new, exciting ways. Serverless increases developer productivity, reduces costs, and works well with platform engineering to empower teams to deliver increased innovation rather than focus on infrastructure management. We invite you to join our discussion on serverless computing with experts from Amazon Web Services and Techstrong Research.

In this interactive session, you will learn how serverless delivers:

  • Increased Developer Productivity
  • Infrastructure Scalability and Resilience
  • Reduced Security and Compliance Risks
  • Cost Optimization

Dive into how Amazon ECS with AWS Fargate, and AWS Lambda redefine the developer experience and empower platform engineers by offloading operational complexity. Explore the scalability and resilience of serverless applications and learn how applications can dynamically scale to demand and maintain high availability to deliver a positive user experience. This session is highly suited for developers, platform engineers, IT professionals, and business leaders eager to harness the efficiencies and benefits offered by serverless computing.

Webinar Recording

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