Transformative Benefits of Automated Dependency Updates for Your Applications

Properly managing dependency updates can effectively reduce vulnerabilities by up to 70% and provide access to new features and bug fixes that improve application performance. But too often, teams must manually update dependencies — a tedious and time-consuming process that is often neglected and increases technical debt.

Making time to update dependencies or, better yet, automating dependency updates, can help improve developer efficiency, avoid causing breaking changes to your apps and contribute to a philosophy of continuous improvement while reducing technical debt. In this Techstrong Learning Experience, learn how automated dependency management can help you ensure the quality and security of your applications.

Join us to learn how automating your dependency updates helps you:

Improve developer efficiency: How automated dependency updates frees developers from routine tasks and allows them to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of software development.
Update with confidence: How to avoid causing breaking changes with your dependency updates
Continuous improvement: How automated dependency updates ensure applications remain competitive, perform optimally and stay aligned with evolving industry standards.
Reduce technical debt: How proper management of dependency updates contributes to a reduction of technical debt.

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