Secure Guardrails in Software Development

Development teams increasingly face the need to create secure software without hindering developer productivity. Secure guardrails, which can enforce secure practices within software development workflows, are one such approach. This webinar will delve into the use of automated tools and policies to enforce secure coding practices. We will explore how organizations might employ these guardrails to prevent vulnerabilities, how they can balance automation and developer oversight when addressing security risks, and how they can monitor the overall efficacy of these measures.

During this webinar, experts in application security will share their experience implementing secure guardrails, including research gathered from Techstrong’s community of developers, security, cloud and DevOps professionals to understand their perspectives.

What you will learn:

  • What secure guardrails are and how organizations implement them.
  • Trends and challenges of effective secure guardrails.
  • Challenges implementing secure guardrails.
  • How security and engineering teams can partner to eliminate vulnerability classes
  • How to determine the effectiveness of secure guardrails.

Join us for an engaging discussion on the impact of secure guardrails in software development.

Webinar Recording

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