Secure CI/CD Software Delivery Without Sacrificing Speed and Convenience

It’s a constant battle: The need to deliver new product features quickly while ensuring they are secure and trusted. Organizations are increasingly leveraging automation to make sure DevOps teams and developers are able to win this battle while eliminating toil and reducing burnout.

In this demo-led webinar, we’re going to show you how DigiCert helps you automate many of the tedious aspects of software security into automated steps within your CI/CD pipelines. We’ll show you how to do so while keeping your security teams happy and satisfied.

In this Techstrong Learning Experience, you’ll learn:

  • How to secure code signing private keys and how to secure code signing workflows and infrastructure without impacting build pipelines.
  • How to create a policy-driven approach to software releases that incorporates important security measures like threat detection, software composition analysis (SCA) and software bill of materials (SBOM) generation.
  • How to achieve these things with minimal impact to you, your teams and your release schedules.

Webinar Recording

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