Operationalizing DevSecOps

In Modern AppSec, DevSecOps Demands Cultural ChangeDevSecOps best practices are increasingly being adopted to better secure software supply chains. The challenge, though, is finding ways to operationalize these processes so that they’re seamless and so that development and deployment doesn’t slow down. In this editorial roundtable, our experts will explore the challenges DevOps teams and developers face in operationalizing security into their workflows and processes, what’s taking so long to do so and how AI and automation can help.

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DevSecOps: A Comprehensive Guide to Securely Managing Your DevOps Workflow In Modern AppSec, DevSecOps Demands Cultural Change Mend.io | Five Principles of Modern Application Security Programs.pdf oak9 Cloud Native Security Tython Open-Source Security as Code The New Era of AI-Powered Application Security. Part One: AI-Powered Application Security: Evolution or Revolution? How generative AI is creating new classes of security threats

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