On the Brink: Why AppSec Leaders are Burning Out (and How to Stop It)

According to an ISSA survey, 50% of AppSec staff are on the verge of quitting. Is your team one bad hire away from a security crisis?

AppSec leaders are overwhelmed, understaffed, and misunderstood.

Key factors contributing to burnout include misalignment with development priorities, understaffed teams, difficulties in securing executive buy-in, poor collaboration between development and security teams, limited budgets, and the stress of managing known and unknown risks.

This webinar equips you to:

  • Build a high-performing team
  • Gain Executive buy-in for security initiatives
  • Create a sustainable security program that protects your organization

By addressing these issues and providing actionable solutions, this webinar aims to empower AppSec leaders to manage their workload more effectively, achieve a healthier work/life balance, and ultimately enhance the security posture of their organizations.

Join us to learn how to create a sustainable and supportive environment for AppSec professionals.

Webinar Recording

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