New Hiring Strategies In The Competitive Market for Digital Talent

In today’s challenging technological hiring market, attracting and retaining the best digital talent — ranging from software engineers and data scientists to AI specialists and product managers — is essential for any forward-thinking organization. It’s imperative hiring organizations understand that technology professionals are not only seeking their next job but are also passionate about their roles and the technologies they engage with.

As tech professionals advance their careers, they are determined to make sure their skills remain relevant and marketable. This necessitates continuous learning and adaptation in various technical areas, including new programming languages, technology stacks, tools, and specializations like cloud, security and AI.

While companies often focus on the geographical location of talent, tech professionals seek companies that provide them with opportunities to work on specific technology stacks, tools and development approaches, company and team culture, learning opportunities and increased flexibility in how and where they work. These a just a few of the important considerations hiring managers often forget to prioritize when searching and advocating for the job opportunities and work environment they provide. By advancing the right strategies, organizations can substantially boost their access to the highly skilled professionals they seek.

Join our experts for a roundtable discussion on understanding the various needs of digital talent and how enhancing their experience can revolutionize your hiring strategy. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The importance of prioritizing digital talent and why it is critical for your organization.
  • Key factors of digital talent satisfaction that matter most across different sectors.
  • How geographic location and technology environment impact your ability to build an effective digital team.
  • Technologies that are currently in high demand among digital talent.

Webinar Recording

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