Fast-Tracking Generative AI: Building Permission-Aware Applications

Data is the fuel that powers AI solutions. With the rapid adoption of generative AI, businesses must deliver increased value and outperform the competition. Speed to market is vital. Developers face a critical dilemma: access to live business data and the complex data engineering knowledge to create scalable and secure AI capabilities in their software applications. Each data source has its own permission models and a long list of interfaces and tools to access that data, coupled with the necessary engineering skills to craft a scalable and maintainable solution. Software teams, from enterprises to startups, all face this challenge.

Join software experts from Redactive and Techstrong Research as we examine how Redactive provides AI application developers secure & scalable pipelines to enable real-time data retrieval from business data sources based on an end user’s request & level of access control.

During this session, you will learn:

  • How to implement AI without rebuilding the permission models of each data source.
  • How can you use a library of data connectors that performs chunking, embeddings, and indexing to speed up development.
  • How live permission checks are performed to prevent data leakage.
  • How managed RAG pipelines make it easy to access the context needed via an SDK.

Join us for an engaging and informative session that will enable your software teams to build permissions aware Generative AI applications fast.

Webinar Recording

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