CI/CD Security Anti-Patterns and Antidotes

Is your CI/CD pipeline really secure? The speed and automation of CI/CD delivers immense business value, but also introduces new security risks. Organizations adopting CI/CD for speed often overlook security, resulting in risky anti-patterns like poor pipeline hygiene, unvetted open source dependencies and lack of secrets management. The security of your CI/CD pipeline is critical, but how do organizations approach securing this complex process?

Join us for this interactive webinar to discuss key considerations around CI/CD security and anti-patterns through our panel of experts, PulseMeter research results and interactive Q&A.

Join us and learn about:

  • Anti-patterns that give us a false sense of CI/CD security
  • Where pipelines are most vulnerable
  • Pipeline poisoning and how to avoid it
  • Proven security best practices
  • How your peers are tackling this critical issue

Webinar Recording