Building Resilient Organizations Around IT and Cybersecurity

Today’s business environment is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Resilience doesn’t just mean survival—it means fostering the ability to innovate faster, adapt and grow despite disruptions in the current business environment. Understanding how resilient organizations can continue to adapt and thrive despite the current business environment and keep pace with digital threats is top-of-mind for CISOs, CTOs, IT and security leaders worldwide. In this webinar, we hear from industry leaders focused on how to transform their teams and organizations while facing these challenges and how they address the gap in technically skilled employees while trying to foster this transformation.

You’ll learn:

  • Why building resilience is critical in the modern business landscape.
  • The critical role leadership plays to help embed resilience into the fabric of an organization’s DNA.
  • Why adopting cross-functional collaboration must expand to encompass both security and IT (observability) functions.
  • How the connection to resilience is more than just robust processes or cutting-edge tech—it’s about empowering the people who make it all possible.
  • And you’ll hear how a high tech travel company is leveraging its strategic partners and resources to accelerate customer experience while staying ahead of current challenges within the organization.

Webinar Recording